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If you are pregnant right now, you know that your life is about to change. More so, your travel habits will need to change too. Not that you cannot travel with the baby. But, the experience will not be as it can be right now.

Before you submerge in the wonderful world of parenting(Also, exhausting), babymoon is a great way to clear your head for new beginnings. It is going to be a while after the baby’s arrival, that you and your spouse will get some carefree alone time!

These are some points that might help you.

1) Best time to travel

Second trimester is the best. Generally, morning sickness has subsided. You are feeling more energetic.

To be more precise, I would suggest the 5th month or the beginning of the 6th month.

2) Things you first need to get out of the way

Doctor’s permission is the most important thing. You should be cleared by him/her to travel. If you have had a normal pregnancy so far, this should be easy.

Ask your doctor to prescribe medicines for general issues like vomiting, acidity, cold and cough,fatigue, etc. So that you can carry them along.

You can ask for any tests if required.

Lastly, a written consent from the doctor. Sometimes the airlines ask for it.

3) Picking a destination

You can travel by road, rail or air. It depends on your preference & the location you pick.

For travelling by car, make sure you are comfortable. Take short breaks in between.

For travelling by train, make sure you book a comfortable 3AC atleast. Though I would suggest 2AC. They are spacious & less crowded.

If taking a flight, short distances make more sense. As you would not want to sit for longer hours. You can certainly walk in the aisle. But, I’d suggest a flight between 2-4 hours.

Pick the kind of place that offers things that you like. I am a beach baby & I picked Sri -Lanka(1.5 hours from Bangalore by flight). It was the perfect choice!

Another point that influenced my decision was food. You are always hungry! And a place that does not offer the kind of food you would like can keep you starving.

4) Take it easy, for once

You must be an enthusiastic traveller. But, health comes first. Make the most comfortable arrangements in advance. Like, a good stay & trustworthy cab service if needed. I purchased a few fruits the first chance I got for some snacking on the go. You can definitely set out for some sightseeing. Spend quality time with your better half. Do not exert.

5) What to carry

-Regular medication

-Prescribed emergency medication

-Medical reports & consent letter by doctor

-Comfortable clothes & shoes

-Some healthy snacks for occasional munching

If you are still apprehensive, opt for a staycation. Trust me, you’ll love to get out of the grind of everyday!

Nikita Mathur

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